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Discover the real Gulliver—read the book.

December 31, 2010

Nothing like a movie? I think not! Unless, of course, it drives moviegoers to the books to see what they’re missing. Gulliver’s Travels, rich in adventure and philosophy, transports readers into unknown worlds. Movies come rated and so should books—best time to read Gulliver’s Travels—7th grade through adulthood. Need an excuse to stay home for […]


Pooh Bear and Christmas Eve

December 24, 2010

Eighty-five years ago this Christmas Eve (2010) The London Evening News published a short story about a boy and a bear written by an assistant editor at Punch named A.A. Milne. December 25-December 31 mark the high point of the holiday season. Enjoy and celebrate the spirit of the season with friends and family and […]


Turn children into lovers of reading—meeting characters worth knowing.

December 20, 2010

Emerson once said “Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.”  so just imagine what biographies can show us. I would like to pay tribute to Paul Revere’s Ride by Longfellow, written 150 years ago today. Truth be told, I was never a fan of the poem but I found Paul Revere a fascinating character. Who doesn’t […]


A very sad day for intellectual freedom

December 13, 2010

Liu Xiaobo, serving an 11-year prison sentence, was not permitted to travel and accept his Nobel Peace Prize. It was the first time in 74 years the prestigious $1.2 million Nobel Peace Prize was not handed over. A quote from Kahill Gibran (Lebanese poet and novelist 1883-1931) eloquently captures the gravity when voices are silenced. […]


Diane shares some best practices for increasing a child’s reading comprehension with educators from Modi’in Israel

December 11, 2010

Conventional wisdom has become so focused on the importance of reading to children that it has, to a large extent, ignored the critical component of the importance of talking with children about what they read. As important as it is to read aloud to children—a child’s desire to read comes from being read to— many […]



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