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Concepts for Adaptive Learning recommends Reading Together

December 20, 2012

Concepts for Adaptive Learning, an organization that is committed to “Using Technology to Help Prepare Today’s Children for Tomorrow”  recommends the follow resources:


Students Fall Flat in Vocabulary Test

December 16, 2012

A recent article in the WSJ reported that children do not have adequate vocabularies, which impacts their ability to learn to read. While vocabulary is the foundation for acquiring strong literacy skills I do not agree with the article’s recommendation that parents need to be involved in teaching reading. Talking develops a child’s use and understanding […]


Diane receives a standing ovation from parents at Concepts for Adaptive Learning

December 15, 2012

My hope is that Reading Together and Conversational Reading continues to inspire your organization . For more details on the event


Diane will be working in New Haven CT December 3-7, 2012

December 3, 2012

Diane will be presenting to teachers, librarians and parents at New Alliance Foundation, Gateway Community College, All Our Kin, and Concepts for Adaptive Learning along with other organizations.  For Information on the various programs contact


Robust vocabularies make for strong reading skills

November 28, 2012

Study after study shows evidence that ties vocabulary size to higher socioeconomic status and greater educational achievement.  By age 3, children who are raised in a professional household know twice as many words as do children raised on welfare. It is not simply the number of words, but also how they are used that is […]



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