Harvard Study highlights the importance of questions & Conversational Reading looks to ask good questions

As parents, we can help our children practice a regular habit of asking good questions through the stories we read. Hone your skills of “Conversational Reading” with the literacy and language expert who coined the phrase herself, Diane Frankenstein.
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In the cover feature story of the “Better Brainstorming: Why Questions Matter More than Answers” , they cite a recent interview from MIT Professor and “Edison of Medicine”, Robert Langer “When you’re a student, you’re judged by how well you answer questions. Somebody else asks the questions, and if you give good answers, you’ll get a good grade. But in life, you’re judged by how good your questions are.” As he mentors people, he explicitly focuses their attention on making this all-important transition, knowing “they’ll become great professors, great entrepreneurs-great something-if they ask good questions.”


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