e-books and kids

Children between the ages of 6-17 spend less time reading for fun and more time going online and using their phones for fun, but a majority of them are interested in reading an e-book and a third say they would read more books for fun if they had access to e-books, according to a study of 1,045 children and their parents sponsored by Scholastic.

Other findings of the survey that will be sure to spark some interesting thinking and conversations with your children. See if they agree with these findings.

~ 39% of the kids said that information they find online “is always correct.”

~ 25% count texting with friends as reading and 28% consider catching up on Facebook reading.

~ 25% of kids have read a book on a digital device, most on a computer.

~ 66% of children surveyed said that they will always want to read books printed on paper even though there are ebooks available

~ The report found that the power of choice is a key factor in raising a reader. Nine out of ten children say that they are more likely to finish book they choose themselves. (see Musing 8.6.2010: Children choosing what they read significantly improves reading skills.)


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