Imaginary Friends

To pay proper homage to Snuffleupagus, who used to be Big Bird’s imaginary friend until parents complained for the show to make him “real”, here are a few of my favorite books about imaginary friends.

Leon and Bob by Simon James
Jethro Byrd, Fairy Child by Bob Graham
Tashi by Anna Fienberg

One of my favorite imaginary friends was Gigani, my older son’s imaginary friend when he was little. Together we shared many spirited conversations about what Gigani was doing and thinking, and saying.

And let’s not forget all those wonderful stories about animals that take on a life of their own?

A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond
Corduroy by Don Freeman
The Jamie and Angus Stories by Anne Fine
The Lost Flower Children by Janet Taylor Lisle
The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams
The World of Pooh by A.A. Milne

Einstein said Imagination is more important than knowledge. What do you think?


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