Oski from UC Berkeley is a fan of Shakespeare!

Shakespeare, who would be 450 years old today, is considered the single most influential writer in English. He coined over 1700 words by changing nouns into verbs, changing verbs into adjectives, connecting words never before used together, and devising words wholly original.

Do you realize how often you quote Shakespeare? Here are some of the expressions you might use in your everyday speech.

In a pickle, when you are in a difficult or uncomfortable situation.
The world is your oyster, being in a position to take advantage of life’s opportunities
Catch a cold, meaning,to get sick
It’s all Greek to me,meaning something is indistinguishable or incomprehensible
Love is blind,inability to see shortcomings in a lover
Wild goose chase,meaning a hopeless and never-ending pursuit
A heart of gold,meaning a very kind or honorable person
Break the ice,meaning to start conversation
Laughing stock,meaning, a person subjected to ridicule
Wear your heart on your sleeve,meaning to express you emotions openly
Method to his madness, meaning someone’s strange behavior has a purpose
Green-eyed monster, when speaking of jealousy

It is a sad sate of affairs that just 4 of the top 52 top-ranked universities require English majors to take a course on Shakespeare. I am proud to say UC Berkeley is one of the four.


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