Thanksgiving every day of the year.


I can’t help thinking of William Steig at Thanksgiving. In addition to the fact that he was born in the month of November, I thank him year round for igniting my passion for children’s literature. His books showed me how extraordinary a book for children could be—with language that soars, pictures that captivate, and stories I want to go on forever and ever.

Yet as much as I adore the books he wrote, what captured my heart and mind were the questions his stories ignited. Moral dilemmas not easily solved, showing us the wonderfully complex humanity of his characters, along with his humor that always delivered a brand of wisdom, with no lesson to teach. Robust conversations are a hallmark of Steig’s books.

To have the continued opportunity to introduce children every day to Steig’s books, truly calls for a profound Thank You, with deep gratitude.

What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?


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