The perfect summer activity

Research shows Mom, as always, was right.“Brief exposure to the outdoors make people more creative, happier and better able to focus.” Summer is fast approaching and to prevent the well-documented summer slide in academics, most notably in reading, why not build into your summer schedule weekly outings with a snack and book in a fun outdoor setting. Pleasure is the goal. A few suggestions.
Slow down: Get off the literary stair master. I would rather your children read fewer books and love what they read. Allow your children choice in what they read.
Suggest books you think they will like. Children want autonomy and they need guidance when it comes to reading. Make your local librarian and local independent bookstore seller your new best friends. Relax and let go of how challenging the book is—Do not tell them the book is too easy and they have read it before – don’t mess with a love affair.
A terrific resource for age appropriate reading recommendations is Jen Robinson’s Book page Growing Bookworms Newsletter. I admire her blog and find her book recommendations spot on. Her work, promoting the love of books, is a labor of love. Growing Bookworms has my admiration and my enthusiasm. Check it out:


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