The Reading Relationship transforms the experience of Reading.

Different than you might have thought in the past, reading words is not the reading experience – it’s just the beginning. At the heart of the reading experience is the Reading Relationship, which becomes part of a child’s emotional DNA.

Conversational Reading (reading and talking with children about a story) changes the reading relationship in fundamental ways and is a proven method you can use with any book. Conversational Reading ensures your child develops an appreciation for the books they read through better comprehension, the ability to make a story their own and the capability to connect what they read to other books, ideas and personal experiences. Along with the strong literacy skills, Conversational Reading also supports the growth of a child’s emotional  IQ by teaching them about empathy and compassion. These qualities come into being inside the Reading Relationship that forever changes the experience of reading.

Conversational Reading fosters a tender and close relationship between parent and child. Why do those lucky adults who had the fortunate experience of being read to as children remember that experience with such vivid fondness? They are tapping into the felt memories of the love, tenderness and affection they received during that experience. These emotions are at the heart of what children need to thrive and they are the currency of the reading relationship.

The real benefit of Conversational Reading draws attention to the reading relationship that often goes unsaid and overlooked. Conversational Reading helps children become good readers and as importantly, the reading relationship that comes from the experience fosters the emotional connections children need to thrive.

Parents who read and talk about a story with children feel more connected to their children and more satisfied in their role as a parent. In turn, the reading experience for the child gives a clear message they are loved and understood, which ultimately fosters strong communication skills for parents and children.

Reading is not simply the interaction of the child with a book. Intimacy and closeness are communicated while you are talking about a book and is at the heart of the Reading Relationship, which every child deserves to experience.


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