Hong Kong March 2016: Book Camp & Masterclass By Diane Frankenstein

March 1, 2016

1451597989299Diane will be returning to work with Bring Me A Book Hong Kong; The leading advocate for family literacy in Hong Kong

Learn the art of Conversational Reading from the educator who coined the phrase herself, Diane Frankenstein. Conversational Reading follows a simple equation:
Read a book, Ask a question, Start a conversation. Diane’s workshops fosters curiosity and comprehension, and deepens the relationship between parent and child.

Feedback from 2015 participants
“I learnt that talking about what matters with our children, will become a life-long habit.” Bernice Chan

“A great workshop! Diane has taught me how to use books to share values and attitudes,” Benjamin Mak

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Bilingual toddlers show greater skills in mental control

February 20, 2016

Read to Grow, an organization dedicated to building literacy from birth, makes findings available from Science Daily. It’s estimated that half of the world’s population speaks two or more languages. The unique feature of the study was the finding that the more language switching toddlers engaged in, the more it benefitted the problem-solving skills of […]


The importance of a significant other when it comes to children and reading.

February 14, 2016

The writer, Graham Greene said books are at their most powerful in childhood—when our minds are most open and innocent; when our imaginations are most alive. Nothing short of another living, loving human being can equal a book in its power to simultaneously move, influence, change, heal, excite, educate, and inspire. BUT initially books are […]


Reading grows curiosity

February 8, 2016

Children come into the world breathing out question marks but only some retain the habits of exploring, learning, and discovering, as they grow older. Those who do so tend to be smarter, more creative, and more successful. So why are many of us allowing our curiosity to wane? A partial answer lies in how the […]


Once upon a mind

January 27, 2016

Who am I is a universal question. In response to that question Plato said the unexamined life is not worth living; he believed wonder is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge. Alice, (from Alice in Wonderland) like Plato, wanted to know Who am I, what am I, how should I live my life? “Who in […]


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