Diane returns to Hong Kong—Reading aloud is a skill, Conversational Reading is an art.

February 11, 2018

I am thrilled to be once again be working with Bring Me A Book, Hong Kong, which just installed their 400th BMAB Library. My workshops will focus on Conversational Reading, a technique which helps readers of all ages reflect on what they read and better understand what they read, showing them how to engage and make a book their own. Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting.

PEW Research Center just released a study showing the two most important skills children need to get ahead in the world today are communication and reading, followed by math, teamwork, writing, logic and science. As important as reading is to academic success, it is as important for the growth and development of an individual. Teach a child to love reading and you have taught that child to fly.

Here are some of what past participants are saying about Diane’s presentations –

From parents and teachers-
~ I am more focused on the number of conversations I am having with my daughter, rather than the number of book she reads.

~ Conversational reading greatly enhanced the conversations my children and I have about a book. I had no idea there is an art to asking questions that take you someplace in your thinking.

~ Her workshop were practical; showing so many different ways to ask questions that inspire inquiry and curiosity.

Diane will be working in Hong Kong March 1-12. To find out more about her classes, see

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