Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2009

There is a saying in my family that a superior meal must be accompanied by first-rate conversation. In keeping with this tradition, Thanksgiving – no matter the menu –provides an opportunity to talk about thankfulness and appreciation.
Wishing you a wonderful day filled with cuisine, conversation and camaraderie.

Some conversation jump starters—

* Aldous Huxley said, “Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.”- Do you agree?

* Can you teach gratitude and/or appreciation?

* Does gratitude cultivate happiness?

* Is appreciation an attitude, a choice, or a habit?

* What do you appreciate? Why do you appreciate it?

* What does “count your blessings” mean?

* Have you ever thought of keeping a gratitude journal?

A poem that takes a little different approach to the usual Thanksgiving sentiments offers some “good food” for conversation as well.

Be Thankful, Author Unknown

Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire. 
If you did, what would there be to look forward to? 
Be thankful when you don’t know something, 
for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times. 
During those times you grow. 
Be thankful for your limitations, 
because they give you opportunities for improvement. 
Be thankful for each new challenge, 
because it will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes. They will teach you valuable lessons. 
Be thankful when you’re tired and weary, 
because it means you’ve made a difference.

It’s easy to be thankful for the good things. 
A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who 
are also thankful for the setbacks. 
Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive. 
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles, 
and they can become your blessings.

“Happy Birthday William Steig” November 14, 1907-October 2003

November 13, 2009

I always try and be the first person to wish my sons “Happy Birthday”. Depending on what time zone they are living in, I often need to call them a day ahead so, no surprise that I also want to be the first to wish William Steig a Happy Birthday for November 14. He would […]


Imaginary Friends

November 9, 2009

To pay proper homage to Snuffleupagus, who used to be Big Bird’s imaginary friend until parents complained for the show to make him “real”, here are a few of my favorite books about imaginary friends. Leon and Bob by Simon James Jethro Byrd, Fairy Child by Bob Graham Tashi by Anna Fienberg One of my […]


Note to Parents: Disney is offering a refund to any parent who sends in their Baby Einstein videos.

November 4, 2009

The Baby Einstein videos were marketed to parents with young children (newborn-toddler), with the implication that they would turn your child into a genius. Baby Einstein, founded in 1997, was part of a large electronic media market for babies and toddlers. An article on the NY Times website said “According to a 2003 study, a […]


Sesame Street has a Birthday!

November 4, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday to Ernie and Bert, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover, Oscar the Grouch, the Count, Elmo, Kermit and of course, Snuffleupagus (at 40 years of age, I hope he has finally grown into his name). An interesting piece of Sesame Street lore: Snuffleupagus used to be Big Bird’s imaginary friend until parents complained […]


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